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All that we do is rooted in our French roasting heritage, which dates back to 1248. Our food is comforting and healthy. Our dining room’s atmosphere is warm and elegant. Our bespoke hinge-and-chain rôtissoires are traditional to France and new to the UK.

Only our free-range birds are English. And we have thoughtfully sourced these direct from the finest English farms.

Our rôtissoires are completely open, so dining with us is a sensorial spectacle, from what’s on your plate to all that’s around you. Flames roast the birds, chains turn the spindles, spits are mounted and removed, and the slow-roasting process emits a delicious aroma.

We carefully prepare and slowly roast every rôtisserie-roasted chicken to our closely kept ‘secret’. So whether your meal is relaxed or rapide, the meat is always succulent and tender.

Experience dining ‘à la française’ and stay with us as long as you like. Follow our menus with cellar-matured cheeses, excellent Bordeaux wines, homemade desserts, and fresh roast coffee.

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Le Secret des Rôtisseurs holds many secrets.

How do we make our perfectly cooked rôtisserie-roasted chicken? Is it about Maistre Benoit’s unique way of preparing the bird? Is it about his mysterious recipe, or his secret sauce? Or is it about the bespoke design of our roasting device?

It’s all those things. And more.

But we’ll never tell. It’s a secret. It’s many secrets. And they’re ours to keep.

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“One becomes a chef, but one is born a roaster,” said gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

Rôtisserie has been an art in France since 1248. It’s about selecting, preparing, cooking, and sourcing the best poultry. And then creating something deliciously sublime with it.

Maistre Benoit is our master roaster.

He has played with flavours. He has thoughtfully sourced our birds. He has experimented with ways of treating the meat. And he has worked with France’s most elusive rôtisserie oven craftsman.

Our roasters cook rôtisserie chicken to his exact, secret standard. So every bird removed from our spindles is both perfectly crunchy and perfectly succulent.

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Sourcing the best poultry is essential to Le Secret des Rôtisseurs. We have close relationships with a small number of carefully selected English farms that supply our delicious free-range chickens.

We follow our birds through the whole rearing process. We ensure they’re truly roaming free. And that they’re foraging for and are fed on the finest grains.

But we’re not just interested in the chickens. We take time to form relationships with our farmers. We embrace them as a vital part of our team.

This month’s farm is Springfield Poultry, where Stewart and Nigel Mee run the farm their parents, Rodney and Beryl, established in the 1950s. Welfare is at the heart of their poultry-rearing practises. They rear all their chickens from one day old.

Springfield Poultry combines modern practises with old-fashioned principles and impeccably high standards. Which is why they’re the perfect fit for Le Secret des Rôtisseurs.

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French rôtisserie cooking is the traditional art of roasting chickens on a very slow rotation. This slower cooking intensifies the flavours of the poultry, resulting in tender, delicious meat. It is an admired culinary art that creates a sublime meal.

Rôtisserie also roasts without retaining fats and oils and without the charring effect of barbecuing. The result is chicken that is healthier and juicier than any you’ve tasted.

In France, rôtisserie is a strong part of our culinary heritage. We gather to share ‘poulet rôtis’ for many reasons and occasions – either in traditional restaurants, or bought hot from our produce markets’ artisan roasters to eat at home.

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The art of rôtisserie cooking dates back to 1248, when King Louis IX ordered the establishment of guilds, including one called ‘Les Oyeurs’ or ‘goose roasters’.

By 1509, when King Louis XII was in power, the guild’s knowledge was extended to include the preparation of other meats, including poultry and venison.

The guild’s ‘Confrérie’ – or brotherhood – would cultivate this treasured culinary art’s standards of professionalism and quality for over four centuries, until the guild system was destroyed in 1793 during the French Revolution.

Then, in early 20th century France and Belgium, rôtisserie became a fashionable restaurant concept. Highly popular, these classy establishments shared what Le Secret des Rôtisseurs introduces to Britain today: the spectacle of the art of rôtisserie cooking.

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