La Cave

We welcome guests to our wine cave at Le Secret des Rôtisseurs, to taste and choose from our excellent selection of Bordeaux wines.

‘Bordeaux’ comes from the French ‘au bord de l’eau’, meaning ‘along the waters’. The region’s name has become a synonym for great wines.

Our ‘secret’ at Le Secret des Rôtisseurs extends to our wine list – because we know the secrets of Bordeaux.

We grew up in this famous French wine region. As children we played in its vineyards, just as our parents and grandparents did before us.

Bordeaux wines perfectly partner our food at Le Secret des Rôtisseurs. They are ideal savoured with roasted meats, mature cheeses and fine chocolate.

So with the help of our families, we have sourced a select collection of wines, ranging from those produced by small, excellent winemakers, to several grand flacons by exclusive chateaux.

And what do all our wines have in common? They have all won awards.

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